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So I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot the past little while. I feel bad that I’ve kind of neglected it. I’ve been trying to learn a little bit more about web design and word press so I can fix the look of the blog. It makes me feel sad that my blog is all shabby and has lots of bad code. But, it is what it is and so here I am. At November 1st. And a month of blogging is hopefully going to start! My mom rejoices!

Here’s the overview of the last few months. Cowboy is almost 10 months old. He’s about 18 lbs now. He is army crawling. He keeps his right foot up in the air when he does it, and so he pushes himself around with just one leg. It’s adorable. He really is quiet the cutie. He also does not nap well during the day. It’s a huge bummer. No naps makes me not able to do as much during the day that I’d like to. I thought I’d have all this time to do more during the day. But I don’t.

Professor is excelling at school and kindergarten. He has beautiful handwriting. He was the Tin Man for Halloween. He remains a sweet and helpful boy, unless things aren’t going his way. He does really well on the monkey bars and for about 2 weeks, he had big blisters on his hands all the time because of them. Now he doesn’t and he LOVES recess!

Pirate is struggling with school and kindergarten. First, it was that he couldn’t finish his work in class because he got too distracted. Next, he started being sloppy and rushing through things to be able to finish his work in class. Now, he is not doing well with his handwriting. It’s stressing me out a bit to see him struggle so much. I worry that he will hate school. He loves gym and recess and I wish that they had more time in those subjects for his sake. He has lost 3 teeth and it makes him so adorable!

The twin thing in school is interesting. I insisted that they be in the same classroom together and that is working out well. They sit across the room from each other and rarely play with each other during their free play. Or even at recess. They don’t gravitate to sit with each other on the carpet. It’s like they are not even with each other!

Butterfly is doing well in school. I’ve just gone through the gifted and talented try outs for her, and we should see soon if she made it or not. She and I are learning cursive at home, although her teacher made time to teach them at school too. A change from other schools in the area, I’ve heard. She has gotten so tall and so grown up!

Our biggest stress is Juice’s job. It is ending in 2 months. We don’t have anything lined up. We do have 5 very probable options, but we are waiting for offers from them. He’s been interviewing around the country. We will be moving in 2 months. Where to? I’m really not sure! Hopefully next week we will know more.

Until we know, I’ve been kind of tearing my hair out with stress and research. Where do we go? Where will we live? What kind of school should we do? Country or town? And I’ll probably only have 4-6 weeks to pack our entire house to move.

And then the whole house thing. We can’t sell our house. Oh I’m not saying that we CAN’T, I’m saying that we won’t because we owe more on it than we can sell it. We want to rent it out. And that opens it’s own can of worms. Stress stress stress!

I’m honestly not going to be a great blogger in the next few months. My life is one big messy ball of stress and sleepless nights, and kids and no fun. Honestly, I’m not liking what goes on in my head and what comes out on paper. It’s messy. And harsh. And jumpy. That could be because I’m out of practice. But frankly, I have NO interesting content. Unless you count on my stress freak out being content. I am.

So yeah, welcome to NaBloPoMo 2013.


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    Nov 02, 2013 @ 23:49:50

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