Cowboy at 3 Months Old

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It’s hard to believe that Cowboy is now three months old. I seriously thought at the end of my pregnancy I would be pregnant forever. But look! Here we are, 3 months after.

Cowboy 3 months

Cowboy is one portable baby. He goes everywhere and anywhere. And boy do we go a lot of places! I know I am ruining his sleep by carting him to every event. But there is nothing to do about it. So far he’s been to 5 (!) states (Maryland, Illinois, Utah, Virginia, and Washington DC) and to sisters school, church, stores, barn, etc. As long as I am around, he is very content. And he LOVES his wrap and being held. He had his very first stroller ride this Monday.

He is a terrible sleeper. I mean terrible horrible. As long as he is on top of me or next to me, he sleeps great. But any time I try to put him down, he wakes up 10 minutes later screaming. And not just fussing, all out high pitched screaming.

It makes me very, very tired. And I know I’ve done it to myself. I would hold him all day every day if I could. But sometimes mommy needs to have a break! I just pray that things are going to even out. He has slept the odd few nights in a row but then goes back to his horrible up every hour and a half schedule. That one he keeps with ease!

Cowboy bw Elvis 3 months

He is 13.9 lbs, and 24 inches long. His head is about 16 inches around. Comparing that to Professor and Pirate, he is exactly their same length but a little over half a pound heavier. Cowboy is not rolling over in any way shape or form. He’s also not doing much tummy time. He’s just so portable right now that I don’t often spend time on the ground. He will push his face into the floor and stand up on his toes and scream though. That part of tummy time is always fun.

Cowboy 3 months old

He is the talkiest baby. He sighs, coos, chats, and ahhs almost all the time. We call it singing. He just chats and chats and chats! Here’s a sampling of what we get almost 90% of the time he’s awake:

He is a thumb sucker. Since I have pictures of him sucking his thumb while in my belly, it’s no surprise. Although he does forget it’s there if I am hanging around. He does fine with it if Juice is holding him.

Cowboy thumb 3 months

And I think his eyes are going to stay blue. What do you think?


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  1. Dad
    Apr 13, 2013 @ 23:28:25

    Definitely staying blue! Handsome boy!



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