Playing Catch Up: Summer Edition 4

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Next up in my photo stream is our annual trip to Assateague Island. This year we were able to take our friend Lavender with us. (She died about 3 months later.) We only spent one day instead of our normal 3-4 due to a mix up in lodging. But it didn’t mean we didn’t have an awesome day!

We didn’t spend any time anywhere else but the beach. But we did stop and see the ponies. Because what is a trip to Assateague without the ponies?

Assateague ponies May 2012

Getting to the beach is always an adventure. This year, the kids (with me and Lavender in tow) ran right to the water and jumped right in. Leaving Juice to do the heavy stuff.

Assateague May 2012 Juice

We had a ball in the water. The boys thought it was a little cold. But still, this was the first year that they wanted to be in the water more than out of the water.

Assateague May 2012 In the water

Assateague May 2012 Me and boys

You can see our little beach tent with Lavender in it in the background.

Juice took Butterfly way out and tried to get her to body surf. Basically he picked her up by her life vest and tossed her into the waves. She was so water logged and happy!

Assateague May 2012 body surf

We drug everyone out into the deep water and had someone take a picture of us bobbing in the waves outside of the breakers. Professor was NOT happy about the breakers. And then, not happy about being far out. He wanted to go!

Family Assateague May 2012

Right after lunch I took a nap. Or I should say that I was SLAMMED with sleep. (Remember, I’m about 8 weeks pregnant here.) We have a little beach tent that I mostly made it into before I slept. But my legs were not all the way in the shade and they burned. Bad! Lavender kept me company while Juice played with the kids in the sand.

Assateague May 2012 Sand

Assateague May 2012 Mermaids

The day was very long (we left around 5am and didn’t get home until after midnight). But it was worth it! Can’t wait to go again next year!

Assateague May 2012 Family Beach


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