Oh, Right….

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We’ve been having a lot of “oh right!” moments in our house lately.


I feel sick and tired and bloated and awful?  I feel like I’m pregnant.

Oh, right….

Our kids are finally able to travel nicely on the airplane.  We did not have a screaming baby.

Oh, right…

This is the first year we’ve been to the parade without a stroller.  I kind of miss it’s pack horse capabilities!

Oh, right….

Why am I waking up AGAIN tonight?

Oh, right….

We haven’t bought diapers in months!  This is awesome!

Oh, right….

When you take out the stroller from the van, you have so much more room in the back!

Oh, right…

We are going to do xyz or whatever next year!  Wait…

Oh, right…

Why did we think this was a good idea?

me and Pirate's first day 2008

Oh, right…



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  1. Valinda
    Sep 10, 2012 @ 20:54:18

    LOL, those moments will just keep coming, but I’m sure you’re getting that picture. I’m becoming a pretty big fan of the “trailer baby” though, hopefully it will go just as well for you.


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