Summer Fun

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It seems like life is rush by, and already our summer is about half over.  I don’t have my wonderful helper Flower this year, so we’ve been kind of staying close to home.  Butterfly is asking when our fun will start.  But we HAVE done some fun things.  And I have pictures to prove it!

We’ve been blueberry picking twice this year, coming home each time with a little over 7 lbs of berries.  Gone within a week.  I’d love to go one more time before the season ends, but not sure if we’ll be able to squeeze it in.

Blueberry picking with Daddy

Hitch hiking blueberries

The fourth of July was HOT this year.  (Think over 100 degrees with a heat index over 110 degrees.)  We had an enormous wind storm that knocked power out to a lot of people’s houses, and knocked down several trees. 

Helping pick up.

The power company uses our fair grounds as a staging area for the power trucks.  Our town cancelled the 4th of July fireworks, which are on the fair grounds, so that the power company could continue using it.  We just drove to the town north of us and watch there with some of my friends from the barn.

Frederick Fireworks

Happy 4th of July 2012

We also went swimming with my BFF Lolli and her family. This is the first year that the boys have been able to touch the bottom of the pool and it was a lot easier. I did have to save each of them twice because they walked out farther than they thought, but it was no big deal.  I was also having fun with my underwater setting in the pool.

Swimming Professor

Pirate and his friend KitKat

Pirate Jumps!

Butterfly Jumps!

Butterfly Underwater

Reese, KitKat, Butterfly

Our Family Swimming 2012

So see, we HAVE done a lot of fun things this year.  And there is still more summer to come!


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  1. Valinda
    Jul 23, 2012 @ 19:28:43

    I love the underwater feature on your camera too!


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