Horse Camp 2012

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Because of my job teaching horseback riding lessons, the kids have learned some really fun skills. Like riding. And crying really loud at the barn. Life lessons, they are learning.

But, they were also able to come to camp with me for a week and we had a ball (or bawl, if you are Professor) eating, drinking, sleeping horses. Who cares that it was 80 million degrees out? We had fun.

Make a video – it’s fun, easy and free!

I really like Pirate jumping. And notice Professor holding the feather as he rode. He is the MOST determined to get his own way kid I have ever met. He WOULD NOT ride unless he had that feather. It’s like Dumbo and his magic feather. It’s also kind of obnoxious.

I’m not doing camp for awhile which is good. It totally wiped me out! Good memories and I’m glad my kids got to join in.


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  1. Lolli @ Better in Bulk
    Jul 03, 2012 @ 10:29:23

    I can only imagine how wiped out ALL of you were! It looks like the kids had a blast, though!


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