How To Donate your Car to Charity



So today I donated our old white car (which we named Beau) to charity. We bought the car when I was pregnant with Butterfly. We bought the cheapest thing we could get, because we bought it for one reason.

When I was pregnant with Butterfly, I was so sick. SO sick. At the time, I was working and commuting. I was riding the train and then the bus to my office. Well, I got sick of waiting for the bus. It added a good half hour to my commute to ride the bus. Plus, there were people on there that just irritated my delicate pregnant nose and overly delicate stomach.

So we bought the car to leave overnight at the Metro station so I wouldn’t have to ride the bus. It worked. For awhile. Until the train started making me ill too and then I started driving all the time.

Then I wrecked our main car, and Beau became our only car. For 5 years. Then the boys were born and we needed a car to actually fit everyone.  We bought our van and became a 2 car family.  First time in 5 years.

So Juice drove Beau for a long time. Until about 8 months ago when it smoked and clanked and stopped working. Then Juice had a buddy from work come over and take belts off the engine to see what was wrong. It was then we decided to NOT fix it, and buy Juice a new car.

So Beau sat in the same parking spot for 8 months. Weeds grew under it. We wondered what to do with it. Sell it to the junk place? Sell it to a friend who wanted to fix it up? Donate it?  (Yes, it took us 8 months to make this decision.)

We kept coming back to donating it. So that’s what we did!

Wondering how to donate your own car? Here’s the steps I took.

  1. Use the search engine of choice for “donate car.”  I used Swagbucks and got a few extra bucks.
  2. Decide where you want to donate to.  We picked Make a Wish Foundation.  Why?  They were the first ones on the list.  But there was a lot of other places I glanced through.  Pick something that you are passionate about and want to help out.
  3. Enter your information on the website.  Hit submit.
  4. Answer the phone when they call you and set up an appointment.
  5. Find the title, clean the car out, and gather up all the keys.  Take the tags off the car.
  6. Be there for the appointment.
  7. Sign over the title.  Wave goodbye. Bye Bye Beau
  8. Be a little sad.

I will kind of miss that car.  It’s how we drove the kids home from the hospital.  It was the very first car that Juice actually went through the process of purchasing.  There were a lot of memories in that car.

Car Towed

Hopefully it will help the Make A Wish Foundation as much as it helped us.


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  1. Valinda
    Nov 08, 2011 @ 16:49:06

    Awww, that is a little sad. When I went and double checked that I had everything out of Bunso at the dealership I was a little sad too.


    • Safire
      Nov 10, 2011 @ 23:16:17

      It’s funny how attached you get to these things.


  2. Juice
    Nov 10, 2011 @ 09:10:51

    I was sad when you called and said they were taking him away, but seeing the pictures is worse. :( Goodbye Beau. We’ll miss you!


    • Safire
      Nov 10, 2011 @ 23:13:29

      Sad pictures, I agree. But it’s nice to have the parking space open again.


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