Back to School Night



This week at Butterfly’s school was back to school night.  Last year I found it very informative and really helped me to feel more comfortable in the school.  This year, I really enjoyed being there.  I enjoyed seeing the administrators I know, and having all the teachers happy to see (and call her by name!) Butterfly.

Butterfly happily showed us to her room.  Mrs. Dez was making a presentation about the year.  It was quiet and everyone (maybe 5 parents out of 15 kids) was paying great attention.  We made quite the ruckus as Butterfly happily flounced to her DESK and pulled her supplies out of her DESK.

Pirate happily followed on her heals and picked the desk across from hers.  He watched her pull out her supplies, and pulled out the supplies from Butterfly’s neighbor.  We had to intervene.

There was wailing.  I asked Butterfly (in a quiet whisper because Mrs. Dez was bravely still trying to talk) and she pouted at me.  These were HER school supplies!  HERS!

Now I hissed at her under my breath to just give the boy one crayon so that he could color.


She threw a crayon out.  I listened for about a minute to parent teacher conference dates and there was more wailing.

This time from Professor who just noticed that he was kind of being left out.  Also, he didn’t want the cookie that he was given while walking into the school.  He wanted a different one!


Please tell me it gets easier.

After the presentation, Butterfly showed us around (boys! put that back! no please don’t pull out all the boo— boys! please help me pick up all the books you spilled.  No stay right here and pick up books! boys!)

We left rather quickly. They were much happier roaming the halls with the rest of the school than being in the classroom.

Butterfly showed us this gem hanging in the hall:

In Butterfly's future

Butterfly knows what she wants to be. Do you?


A “nacholist” (for those of you who don’t read 1st grader) is a naturalist. See, Butterfly loves to draw and nature so she thinks that she should be someone who categorizes things in nature. See her drawing the 2 different kinds of flowers in her picture?

I think that is an awesome job!

We stopped by every table.  I signed Butterfly up for information about girl scouts.  We got bookmarks, 20 flyers and signed up to be Butterfly’s room mom.

At the end of the night, we came to the cafeteria and found out that we could have dropped our kids off for an evening of fun with the after school care people and we could have gone, alone, to the rest of the stuff.


Oh well. We rested in there while the kids played.

Rainbow Girl Sept 2011

Butterfly has the most stunning eyes.

Big Rainbow Eyes Sept 2011

Don’t you agree?


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  1. Ida Cole
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 14:03:22

    yes fantastic picture and very very prety eyes. When you get info on the girl scouts please let me know. I am thinking of becoming a scout leader.


    • Safire
      Sep 15, 2011 @ 21:08:32

      You would make an awesome leader! We love girl scouts here. :)


  2. lisa
    Sep 18, 2011 @ 06:46:14

    wow. you were brave. we never took the boys to bts nights. It was actively discouraged at our schools. I think at the “schools that serve free meals” they assume there is no choice maybe? But then you young modern parents take your kids every where don’t you ;) Mine didn’t leave the house until they were 12.


    • Safire
      Sep 23, 2011 @ 22:05:02

      And look at what nice boys you raised too. I should lock mine inside as well. ;)


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