Fishing with Grandpa



(I am playing catch up from our trip to Utah this year to see family.  I’m picking a few things to focus on and highlight every week until I am done.  Enjoy!)

Our annual fishing trip with Grandpa continues to be a huge hit with the kids!  We always drive up to Trial Lake and fish on the lake for a bit.  On the way back down from the mountains, we stop at a family fishing pond and let the kids actually catch a fish.  Butterfly caught her first fish when she was 3 years old.  It was the boys turn!  Cousin Cappy came along and we had a blast.

The night before, we had gone out to dinner for Cappy’s Mom’s birthday.  I took the kids outside of the restaurant while the adults finished up.  There was a creek running past and we spent most of our time throwing rocks in the creek.  So our car ride up the mountain was peppered with questions from the 3 little boys, “Are we going to throw rocks?”

You can’t throw rocks in the lake because that scares the fish.  And that makes the fishermen mad.  So we found the little stream that ran out of the lake and threw rocks there.

3 boys throwing rocks

A three year old boy’s dream, let me tell you!

Once we got the fishing poles set up and ready, we fished!  We saw an albino fish hugging the shore and a bunch of little fish in the shallows.  We also saw a bald eagle fishing.  Amazing!

bald eagle fishing Trial Lake 2011

bald eagle Trial Lake 2011

After a nice picnic lunch, we headed down to the fish farm and let everyone catch a fish to take home.  (Well, to take to Grandma and Grandpa.  They seem to like them!)

Butterfly was the first to catch one, followed closely by each of the boys.

Butterfly caught a fish 2011

Cappy caught a fish 2011

Pirate caught a fish 2011

Professor caught a fish with Grandpa 2011

While we were helping the boys catch their fish, Butterfly was dangling her line in the water and just playing around with it.  She caught another one, with no bait!  Wow were we all surprised!

Butterfly caught a fish without bait 2011

Then everyone had to get another fish.  Pirate was SO happy to help Grandpa with his tools to take the hooks out of the fish.  Cappy wasn’t too sure about the whole thing, and Butterfly really wasn’t inrerested in touching the fish once we had put them in a bucket.

Cousins looking at fish 2011

We love to fish with Grandpa!

Fishing with Grandpa 2011


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  1. Robert
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 10:25:31

    Highlight of my year! I love this day and look forward to it when you come.



    • Safire
      Sep 01, 2011 @ 21:51:45

      Ours too!


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