Last Day of Kindergarten



Just a few months ago Butterfly started Kindergarten.

And today she finished!

Walking to school with Flower and Pirate

In her own words about today:

“So we were all really sad that it was the last day and we wouldn’t be together anymore.  I told everyone that Mrs. Madeline will be in our hearts forever.  Is that right?  Will we always remember her?

My backpack is SO fat and heavy!  I have tons of things to show you at home!  I had pizza for lunch.  We played tag at recess.  We got to have choice time.”

Butterfly Last Day of Kindergarten

That was it.  She was super bouncy and happy all day today.  When she came home, she spent 20 minutes with Flower singing her the songs she learned (poor girl still can’t really carry a tune) and showing her all the paperwork.  They sent home a writing portfolio which is super cute.  She also got a report card.  She got a P in everything.  She is passing everything.  Well, except music and gym.  In those classes she got an I, which is not failing but not sailing through.  (See above comment about carrying a tune.)  Maybe it stands for Needs Improvement?

She had a great year.  Mrs. Madeline said that she was a bright spot in her class.  She is helpful and had really good ideas.  They were having a problem of everyone not getting along about a week ago.  Apparently, people were making a bunch of things for other people in choice time.  Some people were getting a lot of things, some nothing.  And the people who were getting nothing were upset (understandably so).  So they had a class meeting about being nice to everyone.  Butterfly piped up and said that everyone in the class is like a link in a chain.  And the chain only works if everyone works together.  Sometimes it takes things awhile to go down the chain, but each link will be touched eventually.

Huh.  I don’t remember teaching her that.  But the kids really got it and Mrs. Madeline said she’s going to use that next year.  Way to go Butterfly!

She ended the year reading on a level 11.  The benchmark for Kindergarten is level 4.  She is well beyond that.

She is truly amazing.  I am so blessed.

Butterfly Last Day of K


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  1. Gma
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 01:31:48

    Glad she had a good experience in school. We are proud of her and you and Jeff. Life is great! Gma


  2. Mom
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 11:38:59

    Wow, if you look at the picture of her starting kindergarten and compare it to the one today you can really see how she’s grown up over the last year! Glad she’s had a good year and may the next 12 be just as happy!


  3. Ida Cole
    Jun 17, 2011 @ 14:02:12

    way to go Butterfly


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