Watering the Plants

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Okay, so you guys know I have a garden right?  This garden is producing some radishes!  (Not that I eat them.) And I have baby squash growing!  (Very excited for this one.)

Also, peas and carrots are growing.  Along with corn, beans, tomatoes, and a bunch of spices.

But do you know what is annoying?


This is a community garden, so a lot of things are on their time.  Like installing water for us to use.  That didn’t happen until last week.  So I had been driving water from my house to the garden in my 32 gallon garbage can.

Then they installed the cistern and filled it!  There was much rejoicing!

Except…they put it on the OTHER side of the garden.  The first day I hauled bucket after bucket to the garden, taking almost 2 hours to water.  (The boys love to help me at the garden.)

Then, the next time, I started with buckets but couldn’t take it any more.  I borrowed a neighboring garden’s wheelbarrow and filled that up and hauled back and forth.

Today, I brought my garbage can and put it in the wheel barrow.  I only had to fill it twice, which is much much better than what we were doing.

And it only took me an hour to water!

These better be some awesome vegetables.

At least it gets the kids outside!


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  1. Ida Cole
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 22:48:21

    if you do not eat the radishes what do you do with them??


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