The Day I Became a Mother



Happy Birthday to Butterfly!  I don’t know why, but it seems her birthday is kind of different than the boys’ birthday.  Oh sure, on the boys birthday I became a mother to multiples, but on Butterfly’s birthday, I became a mother.

And after years and years of TRYING to have a kid, it was a big day.  Today is Tuesday.  Butterfly was born on Tuesday.  We’ve now come full circle to that day.  The significance is not lost on me today.

Here are 6 things that I love about my newest 6 year old!

  1. I love how kind she is to others.  Always.  She is always helping someone.  She always thinks the best of people.  When other kids are mean to her (I see it rarely), she is never mean back.  In fact, she doesn’t even realize that they are being mean to her.  She just doesn’t see it.  That is a rare quality in a person and one I hope she never looses. Butterfly Coney Island ocean
  2. I love how full of life she is.  She is almost always happy and skipping around.  She is loud, full of vigor and strength.  I look at her often and think that she comes from good pioneer stock.  I could totally see her walking behind a covered wagon for miles and miles.  She is one strong, exuberant girl.  And she normally likes to be in the lime light.  But today, she had a rough day at school because people kept saying happy birthday to her.  Sad to cry at school on her birthday.  And over such a fun thing too! Butterfly swimming in Minnows class
  3. I love her eyes.  And her 7 tiny freckles sprinkled on her nose.  I love how she has a cow lick right between her eyebrows and how tiny her mouth is when it’s shut.  That is a rare thing.  I love her dimple.  Love it.  It seriously makes me smile every time I see it flash.  I love that she has my hands and my feet. Purple bunny
  4. I love how giving she is.  She is always wrapping up pretend presents for me and leaving them for me to find or giving them to me in a big flourish.  Sometimes several times in a row.  I love that she always wants to draw pictures for other people.  I love that she started the trend in her classroom to draw picture presents for her friends and now everyone does it.  I love that she gives her extra time in the classroom (which she has a lot of, not surprising) to a friend who is struggling to read.  She walks him through his sounds and congratulates him when he sounds out a hard word.  I love that by doing that, she sounds just like me.Butterfly Easter age 5
  5. I love that she is playful.  She is always playing with things or telling stories to herself in her head.  I love that she has kind friends who are happy to go along with her hugely detailed and entertaining stories.  I love that her brothers perk up considerably when she is home and she allows them to play with her.  Most of the time.  I love her love of movies and the fact that she combines her stories from those of movies and makes “the story better.” Butterfly Coney Island
  6. I love that she makes friends where ever she goes.  We went out to lunch today for her birthday during her lunch/recess hour.  She chose to go to McD’s and get a toy.  Okay.  I picked the one that has a play place in it and let them play more than they ate.  (Because the boys had to come too!)  She instantly made a friend with another boy who was there and had him, his 2 little sisters, and the boys all following her around in some elaborate chase game that I did not understand.  They had a ball.  She gave this boy a hug and wanted to know if we could play with him again another day.  I got his mom’s info while they were playing and so we might!  She makes friends, and helps me make friends too. Butterfly New York

I think 6 is going to be an amazing year!


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  1. Valinda
    May 10, 2011 @ 23:27:22

    Aww so sweet!

    George was very sad it was Computer Girl’s birthday and we didn’t send her the monkey balloon, we’ll be sending it with a sorry we missed your birthday card. :)

    I’m still anxiously waiting for the birthday blog post *wink, wink*


  2. Gma
    May 11, 2011 @ 00:44:21

    Happy Birthday to a special girl


  3. Ida Cole
    May 11, 2011 @ 00:59:52

    that was such a nice write up about Butterfly. You and Juice have raised a very special girl but then she has special parents and wonderful brothers


  4. Dad
    May 11, 2011 @ 10:28:10

    Tell her happy birthday from her Grandpa! We were so caught up in FaceTime issues I didn’t get to say it yesterday.

    Happy Birthday Bug!



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