Mini Vaca for Mommy

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Today Butterfly stayed home from school, sick.  She was up several times last night complaining that she couldn’t breath.  All the kids were up at least once from midnight to 4am.  Which meant I was up every hour during that time.  By the time Butterfly got up the second time, she woke Juice up from a Nyquil induced coma because I just did not hear her.  She was in my dreams crying, though, so that’s something.

This morning I sent her up to get dressed for school (after a late wake up) and she just never came back down.  Searching for her found her on top of the stairs, dressed.  She was too tired to walk downstairs.  Could I carry her down?  Uh, no.  Back to bed you go!  She stayed in bed all day and still looked tired tonight.

Although she was bouncing around this evening yelling, “I get to go to school!  I get to go to school tomorrow!”  I think she missed it or something.

Juice was also feeling poorly so he stayed home too.  On my regularly scheduled shopping trip, could I actually go by myself?!  It was so nice.  I got to browse Target without worrying that someone was going to run off, get stolen, or break something.  I got to eat a lunch out with my friend Lala with no screaming kids.  Grocery shopping was a breeze!  We went to the craft store!  It was very nice.

I may have to take up my neighbor’s offer to watch my boys more often.  This was like a mini vacation for me!  And a much needed one.

Lala watched my kids tonight too so Juice and I had a date.  It was amazing to just sit and talk with him without small children jutting in.  Although by the end of the night I missed them and had to go watch them sleep for awhile.

Yay school tomorrow!


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  1. Valinda
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 23:24:29

    That sounds lovely! The mini vacation, not the sick kids. Fred has been sick and it really throws off my whole day!


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