Saturday Clean Out

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With spring just around the corner here (bird singing, trees budding) I thought the house could use a really good spring cleaning. We’re picking a room a week to focus on. And this week was the kids’ room! (All 3 kids still sleep in the same room. And yes, they all sleep pretty well. Yes, the boys are still in cribs [because they can be]. Yes, we will move them apart eventually.)

Butterfly Professor washing

I put Butterfly and Professor in charge of washing the walls and the baseboards while I washed the windows with Pirate. Juice moved and vacuumed under all the beds. I cleaned all the pictures and got rid of the cobwebs. Juice gutted the closet and swapped everything from the other room’s closet into their closet. See, I tend to use the stuff in their closet more (no clothes are in their closet, it’s all storage) and with 2 cribs, a bed, a rocking chair, a big toy horse, a book case, a toy piano and a standing lamp in their room, there really is not a whole lot of room to get INTO their closet. So we swapped!

We also cleaned the bathrooms. Butterfly loves to scrub those toilets!

Butterfly Toilets

Juice also cleaned out all the stuff that we probably won’t use and it’s sitting in the extra room waiting for us to go through it next Saturday.

Juice took pictures of the event because the kids were so happy to be helping out! He said, “You know you don’t clean enough when you have to take pictures to commemorate the event!”

Pirate Windows

I am NOT looking forward to going through my room.


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  1. Valinda
    Mar 15, 2011 @ 22:25:09

    My own room is a disaster. I don’t ever want to clean it.


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