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This week’s question at the Multiples and More blog is all about what the kids eat.

What kinds of food do your children eat that surprises you?

I know I’ve talked a lot about the fact that all my kids are different kinds of eaters.  Butterfly eats well.  And loves anything sweet.  Pirate eats a few things until he is distracted by something else.  And Professor doesn’t eat unless talked into it.  Here are the few foods that surprise me about each kid.

Butterfly: She doesn’t eat potatoes.  She eats french fries and chips, but will not touch anything with the name ‘potato’ in it.  Very strange since we have potatoes a lot in our family.  I guess that surprises me because potatoes are such a nice, mild flavor that I just figured she would love them.  But she never has.  Even as a baby she was not a fan of them.

Pirate:  It surprises me that he won’t eat sweets.  He doesn’t like chocolate (unless it’s hot chocolate) or cake or pie or cookies or anything.  Even candy he doesn’t love.  Or ice cream.  He does love fruit snacks, and begs for them all the time.  That and bagels with cream cheese.

Professor:  This boy loves spicy things!  He will eat hot (not mild, hot) salsa and chips.  He loves spicy Indian food and calls it “Yummy Rice”.  He loves cayenne pepper on his potatoes (which he eats!) and his macaroni and cheese.  For as picky an eater he is, he really enjoys his spices.  Maybe I should give him spicier food and he won’t be so picky!

What crazy things do your kids enjoy eating?  (I need some ideas…we’ve hit a meal slump.)


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  1. Valinda
    Jan 30, 2011 @ 23:22:32

    We’re pretty boring around here too. I made roast chicken and potatoes :) with peas for dinner. Fred ate some of everything. Jr. ate lots of potatoes and meat (that was a surprise) but only a few peas. George picked at everything and ate nothing. My Extra Kid doesn’t really eat sweets either, he never has.


    • Safire
      Feb 01, 2011 @ 23:41:53

      What is it with these babies?! You’d think we spoiled them or something. ;)


  2. Dad
    Jan 31, 2011 @ 11:20:16


    You want my curry recipes? I bet Professor would love them. Cappy certainly does. Maybe he’s a picky eater because most things don’t have enough flavor? Just a thought.



    • Safire
      Feb 01, 2011 @ 23:41:20

      Yep, send them my way!


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