No Movie Today, Shocking



At least not for you guys to enjoy! Sorry.

We, as a family, enjoyed a movie tonight before/after dinner. We started “Despicable Me” before dinner while it was cooking, paused it about half way through to eat said dinner (and deal with Professor and his tantrums which he throws every single dinner time), and then finished it up with some popcorn in the living room.

We ended with a huge group hug and a screaming race through the house. One of the best nights we’ve had as a family in a long while. Something that I needed. Something that we all needed I think.


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  1. Valinda
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 20:19:44

    We love that movie!


  2. rainsplats
    Jan 23, 2011 @ 03:39:23

    cute :)


    • Safire
      Feb 01, 2011 @ 23:45:52



  3. Sosa
    Dec 16, 2015 @ 14:57:53

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