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So do you guys remember my Pro/Con list I was making a few days ago?  Okay, it wasn’t a few days ago.  It was almost a month ago!  Well, okay, so maybe you don’t remember.  But for those who do (or have clicked on the link), here is the reason for the pro con list.

Juice has been offered a job in another state.  This state in fact.  So a major cross country move may be in our future.  Juice has not accepted the job.  We have been weighing the options and making our pro/con lists.  The more lists we make, the more we seem to be leaning toward going.  Want to know the top 3 things on each of our lists?

There are, of course, other things on the list (last I checked it was at 47 pro, 39 con) but these are our top three things.  This is what has me up at night wringing my hands.  Do we go?  Do we stay?  I don’t know if we can stay and have Juice be happy with his job for much longer.  He needs the change.  But is this the change we need/want to take?  If we say no, have we passed up an amazing opportunity for his career?

Would it better our family’s situation by doing this?  I see us staying in Maryland and being happy.  Because we are happy here.  I know we can continue to be happy because, well, we are.  But I know Juice wants to use his degree.  And he doesn’t do that here.  And there isn’t a lot of opportunity for him to do so here.  So do we take a leap and go where he will be useful?  Do we take the safe road and stay?  Or would staying be the leap?

I just have so many questions about this opportunity to change.  Some days I want to go.  Most days I want to stay.

And all days I’m stressed over it.



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  1. jodifur
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 00:10:02

    Having just come back from that area on vacation it is beautiful, but it is expensive.

    Good luck with you decision!


  2. The Flower Maiden
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 00:26:12

    I’d be tempted to go, but of course I’m partial to the west coast. I’m assuming that if Jeff takes this job it would also mean more money and it would hopefully make everything roughly the same as it is now. Good luck deciding! I can’t wait to hear what will happen for you family.


  3. Valinda
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 00:50:13

    I won’t be partial and make this up to you, I’ll put in my two cents :)

    LEAP!!! Leap!!! Over to my side of the country!!! You’ll be so close to your family, you can stop at our house and make the trip two short days!! It could be so very great. Juice will be so happy using the degree he worked so hard for all those years. Make the leap! Butterfly and the boys will love the weather, no more snow!

    In the end I know whatever you decide will be best for your family, good luck making that decision.


  4. Dad
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 01:45:46

    You know how I feel, but the overriding issue is Juice’s career. He needs the change to grow, and maybe you do as well. We support you no matter what.



  5. rainsplats
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 05:23:31

    People kept telling me “if you can make it thru the first year with twins, you’ll be OK”….
    How was your first year with the boys? Was it a looooooong year? Have you ever read ?
    She has 6 kids (including 2 sets of twins) and her husband was deployed overseas for more than a year. …and she had to move twice while he was gone.

    She home schools her kids…and she had health issues to deal with, too. (She’s pretty good w/ a camera)

    I haven’t read it in a while…but I can tell you she was crazy happy when her hubby came home :)

    Is a year a long time? maybe…but I’ve never once wished I’d had my twins one at a time. Not once. It’s been crazy hard…but also amazing.

    So that’s my advice: I think it’d be crazy hard…but also amazing. I think you’d have help. I think your parents would find tons of reasons to visit you :p and I think your kids will charm everyone they meet where ever you live. (also voting for rent don’t buy…but that’s a whole other story…)


  6. debora
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 10:51:53

    You and I are so different, but here is what I would do. Uncle b, Bryant, sometimes comes home and asks what do you think about Seattle, LA, or Mexico… because they are considering him, my response??? Let’s go! I have my testimony and my husband we will conquer the adventure of life. I have grown to love slc but I am totally supportive of moving him up the business latter. There are awesome people everywhere… and the only constant in life is change . I think it a huge disservice to keep things too much the same because the kids, who will grow up, not knowing how to handle change when your older is tough if you haven’t experienced it while young. My oldest sister lived in the San Diego area and it was rediculously expensive. San Diego is beautiful, good luck with making the choice.


  7. Ida Cole
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 19:30:34

    Well from experience in moving all over the place I have to say I always loved it. New friends, new area new adventures. Yes if the kids do not learn change now they will have a harder time adjusting as adults. But my 2 cents. Maltese developed a lot of emotional problems because we just uped and moved. Please make sure the kids are well informed and have a chance to say goodbye to their friends even the twins (William was 4). Maltese did not have that chance and we had lots of problems because of it. You must also do whats best for the career. Staying in one job can really cost in the long run. Believe me I know 27 years at DLC and I am afriad to go anywhere else because I believe that is all I am qualified for. Good Luck but if you go I will miss you and you better keep up the blog!!


  8. Leslie B.
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 22:33:07

    Pray…Pray….and Pray…My husband moved me to NC six years ago and I vowed I would NEVER leave the D.C. area. When the time came, the Lord put it in my heart to go and I LOVE it here…..

    Pray, and did I say pray…..

    Leslie B.


  9. Kelly
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 00:22:45

    I remember being faced with the same decision 3 years ago. Although we were looking for an opportunity to move to the Midwest, for the same reasons you would want to move to the West Coast. It’s a hard decision and it’s hard to leave a place that you’ve planted roots in. You have to follow your heart and know that no matter what decision you make, that you need to make it wholeheartedly and make the best of it. It could be a fantastic move for you but a lot is what you make of it. Good luck and keep us informed.


  10. Aunt Lisa
    Dec 13, 2010 @ 02:25:59

    Go! Change is important. If Juice isn’t using his degree, then he NEEDS to go! San Diego offers a lot and plus, it gives me a reason to visit one of my favorite areas. Maybe we can convince Bee that college in San Diego would be a good thing!?!?!?!
    That’s my advice. BUT, pray about it first. If you’re meant to do it, then everything else will fall in line including selling your house, finding a place to live there, etc. Go for it!!!!


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