Papoose Wearing Pirate



Today I took the boys to Butterfly’s school for a little Thanksgiving party that they do every year.  They go into the cafeteria for different stations that have a Thanksgiving Theme.  They asked if I could help, and I asked if I could bring the boys.  Mrs. Madeline said yes!  So off we went.

We started of in the cooking station.  Here, the kids were making corn bread muffins.  And here we also see that my daughter is a genius at math.  The teacher was talking about thirds and explaining that we needed 1 cup of corn meal mix.  And since she only had a 1/3 cup, how many scoops would we need to do?  Butterfly piped up, “Three!”   Then, while we were counting how many scoops we were putting in, she asked how many more we needed.  “Two!” called out Butterfly.  And she was right.  What a smart girl!

Anyway, after the corn bread making, we did a craft.  We made toilet paper roll turkeys.  The kids thought this was great, especially Pirate.  He would not let go of his turkey once we got home.  I’ve had to re-glue the thing about 4 times, but it’s holding up rather well.  For a toilet paper roll.

Then we went to play a game (which I won’t go into here).  After the game, we went to the other craft table and they made American Indian headbands and feathers.  SO cute!  Pirate was so proud of his and wore it all day today.  (Professor wanted nothing to do with it.  I think he might be getting sick.)  At this station, Mrs. Madeline asked if the boys were left handed.  Professor is.  He has a very defined preference for his left hand.  But Pirate is still going back and forth between both hands.  Butterfly is still going back and forth between both hands.

It was a fun morning for us and it was great to see Butterfly at school.

Tonight at dinner, Pirate finished early and went to play in the other room (with his little green feather bobbing after him).  We had just pulled out or Thanksgiving Little People set and the kids have been fighting over the Mayflower.  (My fwower!  My Fwower!)  Pirate came running back into the dining room asking Daddy to put on the little back pack we have.  Then he came in with a very sad face and a little person in his hand.  It’s the Indian with a baby on it’s back in a papoose.  Pirate pointed at his back and said, “Baby?”

Of course Juice got him a doll and put it in Pirate’s backpack.  And of course I took a picture of it!

Papoose Pirate

Papoose Indian Pirate

I love how the boys are starting to play.  They are growing up so fast!


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  1. rainsplats
    Nov 24, 2010 @ 03:51:53

    Have to have a baby for your backpack! He’s gonna be such a good day when he grows up. Butterfly’s a smart girl because she has a smart mama ;)


    • Safire
      Nov 24, 2010 @ 22:24:41

      Just like his Daddy. :)


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