QOTW: Thanksgiving Food

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Every time I visit my Nana in Utah, she makes this wonderful bread pudding to for me.  She makes it for everyone, not just me.  But I like to think she makes it for me because it’s just so wonderful.  Want to try it yourself?  Here you go!

Nana’s Caramel Bread Pudding

4-5 slices of bread, broken into pieces and left out to dry overnight

Butter a 9×9 baking pan and add bread.  Nana says that she uses the crusts and all, but if you’re picky, I’m sure you can cut them off.  I like it with the crusts because it gives it a little texture.

For the Custard:

2 eggs

1/2 cup sugar

2 cup milk

1 tablespoon vanilla

In a separate bowl, mix together until combined.  Pour over bread as evenly as possible.  If it looks too watery, you can add another slice or 2 of bread.  Nana doesn’t, though, because she likes to really see and taste the custard.  At this point, you can add raisins to it, or blueberries, or dried apricots.  Nana doesn’t but some people like raisins.

Sprinkle the top with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Bake 1 hour at 350 degrees until a knife comes out almost clean.  That way the bread pudding isn’t too dry.  Watch out for it drying out, and put a piece of foil over it if the top is becoming too dry.

For the Butter Sauce:

1/2 cup butter

1 cup sugar, half white and half brown

1 cup whipping cream (a can of evaporated milk will work too)

Add everything to a medium sauce pan and heat on med-high heat for 15 minutes.  Stir as often as possible!  The mixture will turn a golden color and taste like caramel as it gets done.  It will be runny.

Poke holes in the bread pudding with a fork and pour butter sauce over.  Serve immediately.  Smiles all around.

Nana says that the sauce freezes very well.  You just have to warm it up before you pour it over the bread pudding.

Hope every one’s Thanksgiving will be as tasty as mine!


PS- Nana asked me to make it before I put it on the blog. But I couldn’t wait to share the caramelly goodness with you! (Sorry Nana! Love you guys.)

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