Darkness, I Mean Winter



When the time changed for daylight savings time, we entered what I call “Darkness.”  Otherwise known as winter to a lot of other people.  I feel like we have the lights on ALL the time.  And this is supposed to help with power consumption?

Tonight, we all went to pick up Juice from the train station (coming home from a business trip in California) and Professor was flipping out about the moon.

“Moon!  Moon!  I see moon!”  “Where moon go?  Where my moon?”  “Ah!  There is!  There moon!”

Butterfly takes great offence to the fact that he calls it his moon.  She always tells him that the moon is for everyone.  And then gets huffy after he keeps saying it.

She also calls the headlights on cars lanterns, which I find charming.  So no one break her of this habit!  Cars have lanterns on the front, not headlights!

Professor at home will complain that “It dark!  I sceard.”  He makes me wander the house with him and turn on the lights so he can go places without being “sceard.”  Now he has Pirate doing it too.  But Pirate scrunches up his face in this adorable worried wrinkle when he says “I saaarddd.”

I see the winter looming ahead!  I’m a little scared myself.  Where’s a lantern…


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  1. Julia
    Nov 20, 2010 @ 02:38:23

    LOL, I have the same moon conversation at my house too!

    “Where’s the moon, mama? I see it it! It’s outside! It’s in the sky!”

    Though at our house, Audrey’s fine with his moon ramblings.


    • Safire
      Nov 20, 2010 @ 22:21:08

      Lucky, we have a lot of talk about being fair in our house. And she sees Professor’s claim on the moon unfair! Sigh…


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