Adventure with Four Wheels

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Awhile ago, friends of ours gave us their bikes.  They weren’t using them and we said we would!  It took me several weeks of haunting Craig’s List to get a bike trailer for the boys.  I finally found one and I am LOVING the freedom.

Today I decided that I should run to the $200 store (aka Sam’s Club) and pick up a few things.  And it was only a few things, because I only had so much room in the back of the bike trailer.

About half way to the store, I thought that maybe it was a bad idea.  Oh riding down the hills was thrilling for everyone (super fast Mama!) but the up hill was brutal (super fast Mama?).  By the time I got to the store I had a hard time unbuckling the kids.  It was a great thing for me to have to walk through the store and walk out all my kinks in my legs.  And after a few things, I loaded EVERYTHING back into the trailer and headed out.

Wow, was that a work out!  But the boys had a great time (I did too, actually).  I’m ready to do it again tomorrow!


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  1. Valinda
    Nov 12, 2010 @ 04:21:43

    Awesome! I like bike riding with my kids and I think a trailer to lock them up in would definitely be the way to go, too bad they weigh 200 lbs combined ;)


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