My Story: When I Started Writing it All Down



This week’s writing assignment was about 2nd grade.  I was 6, turning 7 when I started 2nd grade.  My teacher was Mrs. Hagood and I LOVED her.  I think my brother had her for his second grade year and we were all very excited about me having her next.  I remember what the classroom looked like.  I remember my friends in the class.  I remember we had a pinata in the class and I was first to hit it.  I swung hard in the darkness (blindfolded) and made contact with something.  The pinata!  (And not a desk, like I thought at first.)  I broke it open.  I remember feeling very proud and sad at the same time.  Proud because I broke it open first.  Sad because now everyone else in the class couldn’t have a turn.  I think I gave away all my candy because I felt so bad.  Can you find me?

I think that was the year I was an American Indian for Halloween.

Christmas was a big deal that year.  For a few reasons.  1st reason: This picture:

You see, every year on Christmas my dad would drag us out some place and take a picture of my brother and I.  This Christmas, we drove up to the mountains and stopped at this bridge for this picture.  It was COLD.  I remember running out on the bridge, being freezing cold, snapping the picture, and running back to my mom with the coats.  Notice how my brother has got his arm around me?  We were both trying to stay warm.  Nice brother!

2nd reason:

I started writing my diary!

“Dec. 21, 1987

“I went to see Santa today.  I got a candy cane.  My frend, Carissa came to.  Me and Carissa played, and played and played, until we got tired.  We didn’t go to scool today.  Today this book came in the mail from my Nana.  This book was an early Christmas present.  I watched the little match girl on t.v.  I also watched Rudolph the red-nose reindeer.  We got more presents under our Christmas tree.”

(This is my Dad as Santa!  And this is also when I realized that my parents were Santa in our house.)

The diary had pink, yellow, blue and purple paper in it.  It had a lock and a key that I used to hide around my room.  In case anyone wanted to read the secrets of my life.  Like this one,

“Jan 20, 1988

A fiw days ago there was a bissrd.  The snow is all most to my kness.  I learned about nouns in school.  What is a noun?  A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing, or animal.  I went to Brownies today.  We painted our nails.  Missy was my partner.  Missy panted my nails and I painted Missy.  We had fun!!!”

Compelling stuff, these secrets.  This diary is the first of over 25 journals I wrote…most through my teenage years.  But more on those later.  We’re talking about 1987 here!

“Dec 22, 1987

I ratped a big present today.  Carissa came ovre today ugen.  Laura and Cara came today to babysit me.  I have blue eays and brown hear.  I have a blue and green nitgown.  My mom has yeloe hear and my dad has black hear.”

Clearly, I am a HORRIBLE speller.  But I was getting better at playing the violin.  I think I went up in violin size this year.  And I did a lot of practicing.

This year, like every year, we went to Utah for a vacation.  While we were there, we went fishing with my paternal grandparents at a trout farm.  I remember tossing the fish food into the pool and watching the fish swarm all over them.  I also remember realizing after this trout farm that I really don’t want to eat fish.

We also drove to San Fransisco with my maternal grandparents.  My Great Aunt lived there at the time and she had a pool.  In her back yard!  It was SO COOL!  I didn’t know anyone could have a pool in their back yard!  My cousin came with us that year and we swam every day, all day long.  I remember barely eating breakfast in my haste to go out and swim in the morning!

We also walked on the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was windy.  My grandpa walked on the bridge the day it opened.  And every time we go to San Fransisco, we have to walk on the bridge.


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  1. Lolli
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 22:42:11

    I love the fact that we both started our journals when we were seven. I adore that second to last picture of just you. SO cute!!


  2. Lolli
    Oct 29, 2010 @ 22:43:03

    PS-yes, I spotted you right away in the class pic. Imagine that–back row! ;)


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