More Old Pictures

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Thanks to my Mom for being super helpful with this and scanning all these old pictures for me!

Mom, Brother, and me at Mt. Rushmore. I LOVED that outfit I was wearing. And I think my Mom had that coat for 10 years or more. She also always refused to zip it up.

Me advancing from Daisy Scouts to being a Brownie scout. Notice my sash has no badges on it. That was short lived. I had badges all down the front AND the back when I was done.

Here I am at the Flintstone Village thing. I loved Dino.

Me learning to play the violin. We were called the “Pre-Twinklers”.

Me and the girl from next door. We got these rocks from between our house. We then painted them, polished them as best we could, and then wanted to sell them. For 15 cents each. Would have been a steal.


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  1. lavender
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 12:50:26

    I tried to learn the piano. I came to find out later on the reason me and music does not mix is because I am slightly tone deaf. Did the rocks you painted become “Pet Rocks” or am I dating my self??


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