Cannon Loaded, Fire!

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On Friday, Juice took the day off of work to spend the day with one of his best friend’s from high school.  Grant came into town to see Glenn Beck and his rally on the Mall downtown. He spent Thursday night with us, and we met up with his sister, my friend from middle school, in Gettysburg to see the sights!

The boys (Juice and Grant) took care of the kids which freed me and Ann to talk.  And talk.  It was fun.  Turns out Ann is living in the DC area too and we’re going to hang out more.  She is a 1st grade teacher.  We caught up with our families and then started in on all the other stuff that old friends talk about.

In between all the talking, we saw some sights!

Of course, we weren’t able to see much, since we had to hurry back home for Butterfly’s open house.  But we did see a few things.  This was Pirate and Professor’s first trip to Gettysburg!

Juice is such a fun dad.  He got the kids to sit all on their own cannons and showed them how to stick their hands in the front and pretend to load them.  Then he would yell, “FIRE!” and they would all make firing noises.  Then they would run around, load the cannons again, and Juice would yell “FIRE!”  What a fun guy. 

We loved having Grant with us and hopefully he’ll come again soon!


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  1. Dad
    Aug 31, 2010 @ 16:23:44

    This is gonna scare you, but at first glance the person in the gray t-shirt looked like me! I thought, “What am I doing in this picture?” Then I realized, it was you!

    I guess I should put my glasses on more…..



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