New York!



I’m in New York for the big blogging conference, BlogHer.  It’s been a crazy day.  I was up at 4:30am to get to Baltimore in time to catch the train.  There were about 30 (?) of us on the train and we were LOUD.  Those poor commuters.  I think we scared more than a few out of the car we were in.  And Bro!  The train had a bar and buffy so I had to visit it for you.

While we were gabbing away, we went through Deleware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey on our way to New York.

Lolli and I had a lunch date with a business associate of hers in Chelsea Market so we thought we would take the subway down one stop.  I swiped my card but couldn’t make it through the very narrow turn style with my luggage.  Lolli made it through the little spinny door thing.  I tried to go through and it said I had already swiped my card.  Ack!  So now Lolli is stuck on one side, and me on the other.  I went upstairs to talk to the attendant.  He laughed at me and buzzed me through the big gate.  But now I have no idea where Lolli is and Penn Station is huge!  I spent a good half hour wandering around trying to find her.  I did, but not after I was dripping, dripping with sweat.

We looked good for that luncheon, let me tell you!  Good sandwiches though.

We got to our hotel a little early before check in but I was super friendly and got a room early.  Once we dumped our bags, we went on the iheartfaces photo walk.  They took us to Central Park Zoo.  We saw the sea lion show (great) and the snow leopard.  The rest of the animals were hiding it was just so stinking hot.  We saw the feet of the polar bear, snow monkeys, and the penguins.  We also got to meet one of the co-founders of iheartfaces and that was really fun.

Once we got back to the hotel, Lolli had another meeting so I went up to our room to get dressed for our big party tonight.  Sadly, Lolli’s meeting went really late and we were VERY late to the party.  I was so sad to have missed the mingling but SEED is still an amazing company.  And remember my fun little video?  This party was the celebration of that!

I really am grateful to have SEED sponsor us here in New York.  With out them, Lolli and I couldn’t come and have this amazing adventure.

Now I’m off for some more partying before classes start tomorrow!  I think I’m going to sleep well tonight!


PS- Totally missing my family.  On the train this morning, I kept thinking of the boys who would have flipped out over being on an actual train!  And Butterfly would have loved all the tall buildings here.  And everyone would have loved the zoo.  I miss them.

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  1. Dad
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 12:25:53

    My daughter = party girl! Or should I say party animal!!



  2. Andrew
    Aug 09, 2010 @ 18:45:12

    A Bar and Buffy? That’s fantastic! I thought those things only existed in jolly ol’ England. Ah well. I’m glad you visited just for me. :)

    Sounds like you enjoyed the Big Apple. Next time, you need to come hang out with us. We’re like locals, but not. :)


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