Plumb Tired

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Exhaustion.  Pain.  Gritty.  Weary.

Another fun filled day at the beach today.  Those are all the things I feel right now.  We didn’t get home until around 8:30pm tonight.  Once we bathed the kids and got them to bed, made and ate dinner, we could all take turns showering.  I am the last to go and I am feeling uggy.

But it was another great day at the beach.  Today we went to Ocean City.  We walked down the board walk a bit and enjoyed some awesome pizza for lunch.  Then we loaded up our wagon and the stroller and headed out to the water.  The boys are so cute when the water hits their feet.  They laugh and say, “It’s coming!” when they see waves headed their direction.

Poor Pirate was not feeling well today.  He has a bit of a fever and huge swollen gums so I imagine he is getting teeth.  He spent most of the day today wrapped in a towel sitting on a chair.  At least today we had shade in the form of our big tent thing.  It was really nice to have shade and to tell the kids to dig a big hole in the ground.  Which they did.  Kept them busy all day!

Everyone had a chance to go out swimming beyond the breakers.  It was SO calm today.  Beyond the breakers everything was just swells and easy ones at that.  Juice and Flower tried body surfing.  I even got Butterfly out beyond the breakers to do a little bobbing of her own.  She LOVED it and cried when we had to get out of the water.

We stayed at the beach until the life guards packed up and left.  We did too.  We rinsed everyone off in a super cold shower on the boardwalk (that was fun let me tell you) and headed back home.

While we were rinsing off Professor said the funniest thing!

“Monkey!  Monkey!”

“Where’s the monkey?”

“Is hiding.”

“Where is the monkey hiding?”

“Inside!”  and he pointed to his belly.  Then he made a little monkey noise and laughed so hard.  Could be because I was laughing over it too.  What a cute kid!

Okay, I just deleted a bunch of k’s.  Apparently I’m falling asleep here.  And I still have to shower.  Good night!


PS- Remembered my camera today but it was my small underwater camera.  It worked great at the beach.  And now is no longer working.  Hopefully it’s just a dead battery.

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  1. CK
    Jul 16, 2010 @ 02:56:16

    Have a good night! Sleep tight ;) I should be getting off to bed too!


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