Then There Was DC

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What a day!  First there was this:
Butterfly in Garden DC

And then there was this:
Smithsonian Castle

Next there was:

[a picture of the kids and Flower outside the National Aquarium Downtown]

And then there was:

[a totally awesome picture of a sea horse]

[a picture of the kids in front of the viewing area for the ‘roars’ aka the alligators]

And after there was:

[a picture of the Washington Monument with dark storm clouds]

And then there was:

[a picture of Butterfly standing in the rain deluge]

And once we got home, wet, (after a very awful metro ride with rude people who swore at me) there was no power in the house.

Until 4am.

And!!  I’m an aunt again!  Congrats to my brother and SIL on their new addition born today, a 9lb baby brother for Cappy.  No internet name yet.  9 lbs!

What a day.


PS- I have no pictures because I ran out of the uploads for flickr this month and I’m too tired to invest time in turning pro.  More pictures on July 1st when I can upload again.

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  1. Dad
    Jun 30, 2010 @ 10:00:51

    I love the picture of Butterfly! Also we still have that account over on that other sharing site that I pay for. You could use that. If not, I will kill the account.



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