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This week’s question at the Multiples and More blog is all about our daily life.

Describe (in detail!) a full day in the life of YOU!

Here goes:
7:00-7:30 am- The kids wake up and wake me up.  I hear them over the monitor or I hear Butterfly getting up to go potty.  Juice has been long gone to work as he gets up at 6am and tries to get to work by 7am.  All 3 kids are sleeping in the same room right now while Flower is here so she can have a room to herself.  If they are crying, I wait for them to calm down a bit before I go get them.  For some odd reason if they calm down in their beds they do better than if I rush in there and get them up.
8am- Breakfast!  Sometimes the kids play before breakfast but most of the time Professor is begging me to feed him.  We have cold cereal in the mornings and yogurt.  Sometimes Pirate wants cheese for breakfast so I will give him left over mac and cheese.
8:30am- Play time!  If the kids are really cranky I will put on a show for them.  I try very hard not to turn on the tv at this time.  Lately they’ve been really good playing so I just let them play.  This is the time that I turn on my computer and look at my email for the morning for about half an hour.  This is also the time I change diapers and get everyone dressed for the day.
9am- Exercise time!  Well, I try for it to be my exercise time.  I will turn on a show for the kids and pray that they don’t get into any mischief while I’m doing jumping jacks.  It works about 80% of the time.  I often have Professor in my room with me playing quietly.  Pirate, if he’s with me as well, likes to jump when I jump.  He thinks it’s funny.  And nothing can pull Butterfly away from the tv.  That girl has some serious concentration skills.  After I exercise some I take a shower as fast as possible.  With Flower here, it’s better and the boys don’t get into too much trouble. Flower gets up sometime in this time frame and get herself breakfast and helps with the boys.
10am-  Out we go!  Well, most of the time it’s closer to 10:30 am but still, we get out.  Before the summer started we either went to Lolli’s house for preschool or out for a walk or errands.  Now that Flower is here and it’s summer, we are trying to play tourist again.  Tomorrow we’re headed downtown to a couple of museums.
12pm-  I try to get back to the house by this time but it rarely happens.  Once we get home, we have a very rushed lunch.  I am tired from wrangling everyone away from the house and they are tired from being out of the house.  Lunch is either macaroni and cheese or cheese and crackers and fruit.  Honestly I’m just happy when they eat something at this point, especially Professor.
1pm-  Nap time.  I am pretty stricked about their nap time.  Once they’ve had a diaper change, up they go to their beds.  They are mostly unhappy about it but they MUST sleep.  Once the boys are settled, I get Butterfly started with her show.  This is her quiet time.  The only way for her to actually BE quiet is to turn on a movie for her.  She’s actually very good but our house is small and her voice carries.
This is also the time that I try and get some work done.  It’s all computer work.  I sit on the couch next to Butterfly (and Flower) and she keeps me company with her show.
4:00-4:30pm-  Sometimes the boys wake up earlier, sometimes not.  They are CHAMPION sleepers and will often sleep for at least 3 hours.  This is the time that Flower becomes my right hand lady.  She gets the kids up from their beds so I can either finish working or start on dinner.  TV goes off.  Let’s get ready to rumble!  It’s now that most of the fights happen.
5:15pm- Juice comes home!  We’re so glad when Daddy comes home.
5:30pm- Dinner time!  Yay for dinner time.
6pm-6:45pm- Family time.  Sometimes we go for a walk.  Sometimes we just play in the living room.  Sometimes we play on the Wii.  Either way, we spend this time together.
6:45pm- Bed time for little boys!  On Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights, they have baths.  Or at least we try to give them baths.  Pjs and family prayers and hopefully into bed by 7:15pm.  Sometimes they sit through a bedtime story, most of the time not.  I am in charge of putting the boys to bed and Juice spends some quality time with Butterfly one on one.
7:30pm- Time for Butterfly bed!  Juice is in charge of putting her to bed.  Most of the time this is when I write in my blog or read blogs.  Sometimes I clean the dining room up a little.
8pm- Juice come down from putting Butterfly into bed and goes and does the dishes.  He’s so good at doing the dishes.  I love letting him do them.  :)
8:30pm- We settle down into our nightly pursuits.  With Flower here, it’s been movies every night.  We love that.  When Flower’s not here, I try to do some work or I do a lot of blog related work.  I figure this is my time to be online and do the blog thing.  Juice mostly plays on his computer or will join me on the couch and watch a movie of his choice.  Friday nights are our date nights and we don’t do anything else but watch movies and spend some time together.
10:30pm-11pm- We start heading upstairs to bed.  I take Butterfly to the bathroom (she has peed in her bed for about 2 weeks straight so now I just take her to the bathroom before I go to bed).  She sleep walks through it and goes right back to sleep.
I count it a good night if I’m in bed by 11pm.  Sometimes I’m up later but I’d really rather not be.
Here’s a few other questions asked on the blog I’d like to answer:
  • How much (or how little?) “help” do you have?

Flower is my helper for the summer.  I love love love having her here.  It’s so awesome to have another set of hands on deck.  Plus, we totally play tourist (2 things a week in the area) and have a great time.  Come the beginning of August, she has to go back home *sniff* and so I’ll be without my extra set of hands again.  But then Butterfly starts school and we’ll have to figure out a whole new schedule.

  • What chores do you do on a daily basis?
I try to unload the dishwasher and load it in the mornings when the kids are eating.  I do at least 1 load of laundry a day.  At least.  Then there’s always the toy pick up through out the day.
Of course, all of this is subject to change.  A lot of change.

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  1. Lani
    Jun 27, 2010 @ 23:08:13

    Not surprising, you’re a busy mom like me:) And good for you for fitting in jumping jacks!


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