Give Me Your Best Shot: Blueberries!



Joining my friend Lolli online (and not in person, we haven’t hung out for a month!  Crazy for us!) for her best shot of the week.

Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk

Today we went to the local pick your own produce place and picked blueberries.  Oh so many blueberries.

12 and a half pounds of blueberries.

I think we’ve already eaten 3 pounds of them at home.  They are wonderful this year.  Large and juicy and so easy to pick.  The bushes were just heavy with them today.  And since it was the coolest day of the week, everyone and their dog was out picking.  (Literally, several people had dogs with them in purses and such.)

blueberries on bush

The kids had a great time picking.  Butterfly’s BFF Vinny and Lala came along to keep us company.  They picked about 4 lbs of blueberries and then helped us pick ours. 

Butterfly mostly played with Vinny but they were very cute together trying to out pick each other. I think they were just happy to be out of the house and together. Outside. Where they could (and were) as loud as possible.

We were there for only about an hour because it was so hot.  That and the boys were unhappy I wasn’t letting them eat the berries off the bushes.  I told them they could eat the berries off the ground but not off the bushes.

Pirate went right to work picking the blueberries.  He almost filled the bottom of his bucket.  He then promptly turned the bucket over and dumped the blueberries on the ground.  And then ate them.

Pirate picking blueberries

Professor, on the other hand, just buried himself into the bush and ate as many berries as he could get his little hands on.  His mouth and his fingers were purple.  He had the cutest little imp smile on his face that I could barely tell him to stop eating them.

Professor the imp

So sorry local pick your own produce place.  I think my boys must have eaten at least a pound of berries in the hour we were there.  But thanks for the awesome berries!  They taste great.

Coopers picking blueberries


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  1. Aunt Lisa
    Jun 28, 2010 @ 20:24:42

    Too cute!! You are at the stage where you have to be very specific with pirate and tax your brains thinking of all the different ways he can figure out how to get “around” your rules/instructions. Spencer was fabulous at that so whenever I said something I would then have to add all sorts of extras just to cover as many bases as I could. I never covered them all. He was just too ingenious! Pirate is the same!!!


  2. Lolli
    Jun 29, 2010 @ 19:40:48

    I am so surprised that your boys eat blueberries. As much as I love them, D and I are the only ones who will touch them. The more for us!! I was thinking of going there tomorrow, but I’m not sure….


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