Welcome to Summer!

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Just because we are back from vacation a mere 24 hours ago doesn’t mean that we should take a day to relax.  Oh no.  I know!  Let’s go to the farmer’s market!  Like we always do on Thursdays in the summer.  I love summer and Thursdays.  Today we got a ton of tiny and sweet strawberries.  Also some potatoes and apples.  The apples were good too!

I also went to the store because we had no food in the house.  And after buying a ton of staples, I come home to another list of things to buy that we don’t have.  Like butter.  And syrup.  That would have been good for dinner tonight.  Pancakes.  Yeah.

Juice also stayed home from work today with a fever and a horrible, horrible cough.  All the kids have this awful cough now and green tinged snot.  Flower and I also have throat tickles so I imagine we’ll be coughing soon enough.

Hello to you too summer!


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  1. Ida Cole
    Jun 11, 2010 @ 14:41:53

    Shall I take Cinder back so she does not get sick:-}


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