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Today our short window of outing time was filled with going to the hardware store. I was kind of hoping to go out and do some kind of family outing this weekend. Juice had Thursday afternoon off, along with all day Friday this week. It has been wonderful to have him home. We were able to get all of our normal Saturday chores done on Friday and so I thought we could have a play day on Saturday.

Then I thought, it’s going to be Thanksgiving next week and I don’t want to go to the hardware store by myself/on black Friday. So we went today and will plan on doing something fun next weekend.

We left the hardware store with some no see no touch mouse traps for when he goes away next week. We also got some hooks for various art projects that are going on in my house and for stockings. I never know where to put Butterfly’s stocking. I think last year we hung it from the corner of the blinds next to the Christmas lights in our window. That’s not going to work this year since there are only 2 corners. So I bought some sticky hooks and we will hang them from the wall in our dining room.

On Friday, I was able to go to hang out with the ladies at my church and learn about vinyl lettering. This is a lot of fun! I even made something. I’m not terribly crafty so this is big for me. See, isn’t it cute?
I put the letters on the board, and Juice hung the hooks and the wire for me. Originally I thought I would get more vinyl letters and make name tags to put up for everyone on the hooks. But then I thought I would do pictures instead. I’ve spend the evening browsing a bunch of sights for some small reusable picture frames and I think I found some on etsy. No matter that there are more things there than we have members of our family. We will just pick the most important ones…prayer, song, lesson, treat, prayer. It’s what we do right now anyway. As the kids get older, we’ll rotate through some things. Anyway, this is one of 2 home decorating projects I have in my head with vinyl lettering. The next one to come later.

Butterfly saw Juice making the marks for the hooks and asked if she could too. I said sure, it was just pencil and Juice would know his own marks. I went to do a baby related thing and came back to find her tracing the letters with her pencil. Good thing pencil erases or she’d be in bigger trouble.

Still no sign of mice. It’s been almost a week now. Juice is convinced we have them but they have stored away enough food to sustain them for awhile. I kind of agree with that. I mean, the mouse I saw was not the first one I saw in the house (I thought I saw one in the kitchen about a week before I saw this one in the living room.) Soot periodically goes nuts at our heat vent in the corner so I’m pretty sure there is something in there. Also, we randomly get dog food under the couch. Hmm…all signs point to a mouse but not very active ones here. I am still banking on the fact that we have several. Hopefully when Juice gets back from his traveling he can plug up the numerous holes we have in our house. One can only dream.


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