Summer Smiling

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Yesterday I got two very small half smiles from Pirate. You could tell he was thinking about it both times. Today, he gave me a HUGE toothless grin! He looked so happy and pleased to see me. Wow, it’s amazing how much these smiles make everything worth it. They can’t come at a more needed time!

Professor gave a small half smile to Juice yesterday too so we’re hopeful that the smiley phase is coming for both of them. It’s my favorite stage. I love these little smiles.

Juice played hooky today and we all went to the recourse center and showed Daddy around. We did a craft, enjoyed circle time, and played with dolls. Well, Juice did all of that with Butterfly, I sat and talked to my friend Laura while the boys slept. A fun morning!

We then stopped by a fast food place for lunch (why not make a day of it?) and as we were leaving, we saw a semi hit a bright yellow convertible in the intersection. The convertible was going very fast, and I think the semi thought the convertible was not going to go through the light so he started to go. They met right in the middle. The yellow convertible spun around, hit a van right behind the semi’s trailer, and skidded to a stop. Ouch. And who should step out of the convertible but a cop in all her gear. Ooohhh…not good for the semi driver.

We are getting ready for the boys’ blessing this weekend. I will be making the great chicken salad tomorrow, and we have a bunch of tables and chairs being delivered so we can have ourselves some food outside. I love having spring babies so we can have all their parties outside. It also helps that we are right next to a park! I’m excited to see these guys in their blessing outfits. And of course, pictures will be coming!


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