One Crazy Day


Last night there was a thunderstorm.  And I think the raccoon is afraid of the thunder because it just kept chittering and chittering.  It’s currently holed up right over Cowboy’s room.  Luckily, Cowboy slept through most of the chittering but Juice and I did not.  Juice even pounded on the walls to try and get it to either shut up or move.  About 2am, Cowboy woke up and came into our room.  This is not unusual.  He mostly just crashes on our floor and we wake up with him out cold in front of our door.  But last night, he kept complaining that he hurt.

(By the way, how is it that every kid knows that if they complain about something hurting they will get their way?!)

He finally fell into a fitful sleep.  He kept yelling out “ow! ouchie!” through out the night.  Turns out he rolled under the bed and I had to fish him out around 5am.  I plopped him into the bed and tried to sleep for a few more minutes.  But he didn’t want that.  Lots of turning and kicking.  Then, the raccoon started chittering again.  UGH! I gave up and got up about 5:30am.

Professor has a very hard time getting going in the morning.  I give this boy over an hour to get breakfast, get dressed, and get his backpack ready.  Butterfly and Pirate can do that in about half an hour.  But when I was ready to leave, Professor was not even close.  He had been playing in his pjs.  This is my biggest reason for my countdown for school to be over.  I am so done fighting this fight with him.

I drove the kids to school this morning in the truck.  They normally take the bus.  But I had scheduled new tires on the truck this morning so I drove them into town.  (Did I mention we live about 20 minutes outside of the suburbs?)  Drop off went fine and we show up at the tire store a few minutes late to the appointment.  It then took them 3 hours to put the tires on.  I guess it’s a high maintenance truck.  I overheard one of them call it a diva.  I was feeling a little high maintenance myself after trying to entertain Cowboy that whole time.  But with the help of 2 managers and about 3 employees, we have new tires!

Then, I had scheduled to get the oil changed too.  So I went there and they were fast.  Then the grocery store.  Then home.

Back to another huge thunderstorm, and back to major chittering from the stupid raccoon.  Now I’m thinking that there is more than one raccoon up there.

Tonight is our babysitting swap and we are in charge.  So I’ll have a whole bunch of kids here tonight.  And it’s raining and cold so they can’t even go jump on our trampoline.

Help me.  I may have bit off more than I could chew today.


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Raccoon Woes


I guess it’s a difficult thing, to get rid of a raccoon in your attic space. (We don’t have an attic, just a crawl space…thing. For purposes of this post I will be calling it an attic.) I have been reading up on raccoons in your attic and here are some points that I would like to highlight.

I’m sure this is what the problem is.  At first, the raccoon was over our shower.  Juice would pound on the wall when we heard it (night and morning, generally) to try and scare it away.  All he did was scare it farther into the house.  She (because I’m going to assume it’s a she looking for a nest for babies) is now over Cowboy’s room, on the other side of the house.

Juice was chatting with our neighbors.  I guess this is a typical problem in this area, to have a raccoon in your attic.  Two doors down from us, they let the raccoon have her babies, and boarded up the house with metal brackets and other material, when she left.  And then a few days later, they noticed the walls in one room beginning to sag.  The guy is a roofer so he climbed up there and crawled around.  To his horror, he found the raccoon and the babies had chewed through the supports of his roof!  It was over $15,000 of damage.

I’ve been playing phone tag with several animal removal companies and it’s just taking longer than I want.


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Day 2


Again, I seem to be a loss for words. I must be rusty at this whole writing thing. It’s been a very emotional day for me. I’d rather not go into the details. Again, I’m not interested in hurting anyone. Right now my thoughts and words are very hurting. I am hurting and just want to hurt back. Badly. I hope I’m not so untrustworthy.

In other news, we have a raccoon living in our ceiling. It’s made it’s home or nest or whatever right over our bathroom. It makes me feel weird to go in there and shower. We have a call into an exterminator. And it’s a specialist too, because the regular exterminator won’t deal with big things. Not that the raccoon is “big” like a bear or what not. But yeah. And I guess the specialist is swamped because we have been playing phone tag for days. The dog just stares at the ceiling sometimes. The raccoon scratches an itch and we hear it. It snores during the day.

I sent Professor on the school bus this morning with no shoes on his feet. I was far from the bus, sitting in my car still in my pjs and a robe, and I heard the bus driver clearly ask him where his shoes were. This is a problem if you just play all morning and don’t get dressed till you are in the car.


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525 Days


It’s been 525 days since I’ve last written. It seems like a lifetime. I’m not sure why I stopped writing. I think real life just got too hard to try to document everything. Anything. In Nov of 2013, we were preparing to move, without knowing where we were going. I just couldn’t bring myself to talk about what we were doing. Because honestly, what we were doing was panicking about where we were going and what we were doing. We were facing unemployment on Dec 31st. Juice had several interviews. Everything just stopped.

And then, everything hurtled forward. A job opened up in Colorado. Juice accepted. We moved within 2 weeks of the company telling us about it. We lived for 2 months in a hotel. We lived in Utah with my parents for months so I could put the kids in school. Juice stayed in Colorado. We sold our Maryland house. We FINALLY bought a house in Colorado. Our stuff came. We settled in.

That’s the bare bones answer to what we have been doing for the past 525 days. There is so much more to it than that. I can’t seem to bring myself to write about the move. About how much harder it was on me than I ever thought. About how I can’t think about Maryland without crying. How much I miss my friends.

I also have a hard time talking about Colorado. Oh sure, the state is nice. Juice loves his job. The kids’ school is just fine. They seem to be doing very well here. But I feel like I’m drowning. Everyone has been nice to me. It’s nice here. I’m not sure what else to say. I’m afraid to put it all out there. I don’t want to damage any newly formed buds of friendship I might have. Of course, I doubt any one of those people even read this blog. I doubt any one reads it. Ever. But they might. I just don’t want to say. Maybe as I start blogging more often, I might find myself in a place to say these things. But until I do, this will have to be enough.


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Pumpkin Patch


I won a Facebook contest for 4 tickets to the local pumpkin patch. We had a great time! Cowboy was free so we only had to pay for 1 ticket. It was worth it! We went a hay ride, through the corn maze, jumped in the hay loft, saw some animals, slid down the giant slides, saw the pumpkin patch, and generally enjoyed ourselves. See for yourself!














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Engineer Plus Baby


Awhile ago I went out somewhere and came home to this:


Not sure what was going on here…but this is what you get when you leave an engineer home alone with a baby. (Note, the baby was perfectly happy until he saw me, then was crying.)


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First day of School 2013


I know I’m several months late posting this, but I thought I should at least put up pictures of the kids’ first day of school!


Butterfly is now in 3rd grade! Her teacher is awesome and fun and firm and I really like her.


She was most excited to learn multiplication and division in math and see what new books her teacher had in her classroom to read.



Pirate has been very on the fence about school but was super excited to ride the bus! Full day Kindergarten is a big step. He talks often about the kids at his table and his friends at recess, but not a whole lot about anything else.



Professor has been begging to go to school for awhile. He jumped in 2 feet first and has thrived ever since. I think he has a serious crush on his teacher because I only ever hear about what she likes to do or what her favorite color is.



I put them in the same class this year, and not at their teacher’s recommendation. I pulled the parent string and I was right. She was very nervous to have them in class together because she felt like they would rely too much on each other. I asked her to put them on different ends of the room. Now they tell me they rarely play with each other. And they are not doing each others work at home or whatever it is that experts said they should split twins up for. I like having them in the same class and having one teacher to deal with. Now I might need to split them later on the schooling process, but it’s working so far.


I made them stop and pose for this picture with our bus. They weren’t late but they were the last ones on the bus and had to run up the hill!


Some pre school sillies:


And no first day of school would be complete without our trip out for ice cream!


So far, the school year has been awesome!


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Pre Moving Preperations


It’s no secret that we will be moving in the near future. How near? Not sure yet. But I imagine it is right around the new year. At least, that’s my projection of the moving timeline. If all goes well job wise. I hope it goes well job wise.

So. With a move in the future, I’ve started to clean stuff out of our house/attic/storage unit. It started with a major purge of everything baby in October. I had 8 30 gallon tubs FULL of baby clothes. And kid clothes. There were so many clothes.

And I found more! Where is it all coming from?!

With the help of my lovely friends, we sorted, hung, snapped and tagged over 500 items for the semi annual twin sale. Almost all of my stuff sold. That’s good because we were living like this for awhile:

1 week from the sale. Then MAYBE my family can sit down.

Honestly it felt good to purge.

So slowly I’ve been going through other parts of the house and purging there too. I went through my closet and honestly asked what things I was wearing. Then I got rid of everything that I wasn’t. I packed up all my clothes from when I was skinny. Still so not skinny from having Cowboy. One day I hope to fit into those clothes again!

I went through the pantry and donated everything I knew we wouldn’t eat from now until Christmas. I’m thinking that I need to go through and get rid of everything else that I know we couldn’t move with us. I’m hesitant to start packing up the kitchen, but I’m itching to as well. The thing is that I’m not going to take half of the kitchen with us. I’m only taking the pans I like the best. The ones I use the most. The mixing bowls that work fine but I don’t like? Not coming along. The set of dishes that we got for a wedding present that used to have 8 of everything but are down to 3 bowls and 6 plates? Not coming with us. The mix match of glasses? Not coming with us. The kids plates? Coming!

I’ve also started narrowing down the furniture that we are bringing. The kids’ beds, check. The boys brand new dressers, check. Butterfly’s dresser I bought her before she was born? Not coming with us! That thing has broken so many times and has a ton of fixes by Juice in it. But I just don’t want to bring it along. I will get her a new one when we get to our new place.

Our bed? The mattress and box spring comes, the frame stays here. The tall dresser with the broken drawers from moving across the country 10 years ago? Staying here! Our long dresser? Hmm…maybe. I think it should come along because we probably won’t have scads of money to buy a new one right away. But it will be replaced eventually. Hopefully it will survive another move.

Our couch? Not staying here but not coming with either! It’s going to a new home. We will buy a new couch when we get there. All of our computer desks, chairs, etc, staying here. Our kitchen table? Coming along.

I’m hopeful that by leaving half of our furniture behind that the expense will be lessened, at least on this end. My concern is that the company won’t move us so we would have to foot the bill. So I’m trying to make it the least amount possible. Now if the company moves us…that’s a different story.

One thing that we are trying to do is get rid of our storage unit. We’ve been moving boxes back to the house and going through them. I’ve been trying to get everything down by a third. Meaning I throw at least a third of the stuff in the boxes away or give away or earmark to sell. Our attic is filling up. I’d say in about 2 weeks we can start selling the furniture that we have in there.

It will be nice to buy new things. And to hang pictures up in a new place. And to make the new house feel like home. I hope we know more soon!


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Sickness, part 2


What’s worse than a horrible fall cold that leaves everyone coughing? The flu! Only this time instead of sitting up all night with a non breathing baby, I was up all night puking my guts out. I HATE stomach issues. It’s turning out to be more of a 24 hour thing, but still, yucky!

There was one point in the night where I was just so stinking cold I had Juice get me all the blankets he could find and then even my robe and my coat. I couldn’t stop shivering.

No one else seems to have a problem. Maybe it was something I ate? I’m not sure, but I’m going to bed!


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Sickness in the House


Seems like every year about this time I have a post all about how sick we all are. This year is no exception.

Everyone is sick! Okay, not everyone. Me and Professor seem to have dodged this cold. But Professor always seems to dodge colds. There is so much coughing all the time I’m surprised we have though. Even the baby is sick which makes me feel sad. Poor kiddo. He is having such a hard time breathing and coughing and sleeping is starting to become out of the question.

I can only imagine it will get worse.

There have been several times this week where I have sat in the bathroom with the baby in the darkness of night with the shower on trying to steam the air enough so that he will stop his dry raspy cough. No, I don’t think it’s doctor trip time. Personally, unless he’s screaming and pulling at his ears, I won’t take him in at all. He hasn’t had a fever, just this horrible cough and general stuffiness.

Pirate has it the worst I think. He just coughs and coughs and coughs. I hear him through the wall at night coughing and I think I should bring him into the bathroom steam session too. But frankly, I’m so incredibly tired that I don’t think straight at 3:45 in the morning.

Colds last 10-14 days, right? So right around Thanksgiving, we should be all better! Hopefully!


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